At what time and where is your child doing? This Budget Smartwatch

The cases of bad behavior and crime against children are increasing day by day. Concerns about the children of parents are also increasing. Despite the children leaving the trust of the school and the day, he is not safe. In such a way, this Smarter Watch can help you. This is not a common watch but a super smart watch.Through this, you can stay connected to your child for 24 hours.

Learn about some more special features of Smart Watch

1. There are features like Auto Oncer and Auto Call, like this phone in the clock. With this help, the sound of the surrounding environment can be heard easily.
2. There is also the facility of calling and voice messaging, so parents can stay in contact with children.
3.   There is also a Location Tracker in this clock, to find out where your child is.

Gurbinder Sodhi, business head (India) of this watch-maker (Riversong) said, “The security of children has become the biggest concern of our society. The way children are being targeted, worrisome criminal incidents are happening. It has become very necessary for the parents to ensure the safety of the children. This smart solution has been provided to protect the children everywhere. ”

Riversong’s founder Liu Chuming said, “The abuse of children with children has worried everyone about the future of their children. Our team has identified this need of time to launch this unique product, which ensures Will the future of children of our country be bright and bright and they will not face any kind of insecurity. ”

It is present at Amazon and Flipkart at a price of 2,499. (Input – IANS)

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