Dr Drone will improve the health of the crops, know how?

In the coming time, the drone will be seen guarding the crops. It will tell about the disease by taking a picture of the fields. Accordingly, the pesticide will be sprayed in the field accordingly. As a result, the health of crops will improve.

In the four-day Agrotech-2013, which started in Parade Ground, where the companies and their foreign companies related to agriculture have displayed their products, it is possible that for the first time in India, farmers have to use drones to monitor the farm and crop. Getting done

With the Smart Drone technique prepared by IIT Kharagpur (West Bengal), farmers from Punjab and Haryana can take photographs of their fields and send them to the concerned company, who will be able to assess the situation of the crop and provide information about the need for fertilizers, insecticides etc.

This will help the farmers to find the disease growing on any plant within their crops in the field and it will be able to diagnose timely. Giving information about drone technology, MD Tarun Singh of Organex said that this technique has been adopted by the farmers in foreign countries.

With the supervision of their farms, they are immediately alerted through the drone to the problems of weather, pest attack, and weak crop. Crop is also good as it is time to get treatment.

Manoj Dey

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