Feature of making such event like Facebook on Google Maps

A new feature has been added to Google Maps, with the help of which users will now be able to create k public events. This feature works in the app’s content section. Before this section you could include business and crowdsours information. This feature is similar to the Facebook event, which gives information about future events to people.

Through this new feature of Google, you can name, location, date and time and image events for an event. The point of note is that Google has not yet announced its official declaration. So far, Facebook is the popular platform for preparing the event. According to the English website Android Police, this feature of Maps has few drawbacks left. After the event is created, the map shows up to about an hour later. Keep in mind that this feature is available only in a few countries but may soon come for everyone.

AR based navigation 
has also been trying to provide AR (grounded realty) navigation in its maps. This new Google Maps feature is available on some devices. With the help of this feature in Google Maps, people walking on the road will be able to find a way out. This feature will use the user’s smartphone camera.

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