Government issued new drone policy

So far, you have used drones to film aerial shots in movies, take special shots in wedding-marriages, or have seen in an event, but the drones, relief and rescue work these days, are proving to be very helpful in the military work. . In view of this, the aviation ministry has issued a drone policy on Monday. So if you want to fly the drone then it is important to know the released gaillines.

implemented in the entire country from December 1

The government has legalized flying the drone since December 1. Therefore, before blowing the drone, you have to register it. After registering you will be given a unique identification number. Along with this, the drone is divided into five categories.

Categories of Drones

Nano – Weight less than 250 grams Micro-more than 250 grams and less than 2 kg Mini-2 kg to 25 kg Small- from 25 to 150 kg Large- More than 150kg In these five categories, it is mandatory to register the drones of each category except the Nano. But let us tell you there is no need to take UIN for such educational institutions where the drone is used for study. For this, just give information in local police station and easily drown in your premises. Country’s drone policy The price of drones is not very expensive, any person could easily buy it and use it, but now a person can use a drone under the policy issued by the government.

1) The owner or pilot of the drone will have to take security clearance from the Home Ministry and for this, the applicant has to attain any necessary documents from the Aadhar card, passport or driving license.

2) The age for the remote pilot has also been determined, under the policy, the pilot’s age should be 18 years.

3) Under the new policy, the drone can not be blown everywhere. The airport and its surrounding areas, international borders, coastal lines, Vijay Chowk in Delhi, secretariat of states, places related to defense bases and drone bunting in important military locations.

4) Although the use of drones as a commercial purpose is also to be prepared. Let Google and Amazon prepare to do the home delivery of goods through the drones. Amazon has also filed a patent for the drone deployment. Although in its manual, the government has clarified that the drone will not be used for the delivery of food or other items at the moment.

5) The drone can only be flown before sunrise only after sunrise.

6) Indian companies and corporates have to get permission from the Home Ministry for drone operation.

7) Small and over-rated drone users will have to take practical training training from the Flying Training Organization, approved by the DGCA.

8) Those who violate these rules, the UIN will be canceled and action will be taken.

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