Whatsapp launches second phase of campaign to stop fake news

The instant messaging platform, Whatsapp, has started its second phase of campaign “share joy and not rumor” to curb bogus reports. This campaign is also being run in regional languages. This campaign will be run on TV, print and radio as well as on social media platforms.

“In April, general elections are going on in India,” said Whatsapp, in the statement. Whatsapp, has started its second phase of campaign ‘share joy, not rumor’. The campaign for the first phase has reached millions of people in rural and urban areas. “The second phase of the Whatsapp, campaign is focused on a safe election process, due to the incidents of crowded violence after the spread of false news from the Whatsapp, platform, Critics are in the circle.

Major social media companies Facebook, Twitter and Google have voluntarily signed this code that their platform will not be allowed to be used for the spread of fake news during the general elections. Abhijit Bose, chief of Whatsapp,’s India, said, “It is our priority to work with the Election Commission and the local partners to act in a pro-active manner for safe elections. Through our campaign, we will make people aware that they can easily identify malicious messages.

This campaign has been started in ten languages- English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam and Tamil.

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